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Your car has broken down on the dirt roads, deep in the thickness of the woods in Ridgeway, Connecticut. There hasn't been a sign of life for the past ten miles, except for a few crows and raccoons. You decide to begin traveling on foot, hoping to stumble onto some sort of civilization. You then come across Al's Automotive Repair, established in 1958. However, little do you know that Al's Auto has been defunct for over twenty years, along with the rest of the society in which it resides.


Your only direction to turn, aside from the ceaseless cornfields, is to the decrepit cabin of the notorious Morton family. The Morton's were rumored to have been the last family to inhabit Ridgeway, for unknown reasons. The rest of the population was said to have fled over thirty years ago, after a series of unspeakable happenings and disappearances. Word quickly got around that Mr. Morton was responsible for the chaos. Mr. Morton had made a sinister pact with other local farmers, and townspeople to eliminate all outsiders who decide to cross the town border, using grisly methods, to make it clear that they do not belong...

The horrors of the cursed cabin drive you directly out within minutes, leaving sweat running down your neck, and drops of blood upon your clammy skin. You now have NOWHERE to turn. Who knows, there may just be a chainsaw wielding freak or two still roaming these grounds. This long forgotten civilization of crop fields, motels, diners, and slaughterhouses will CONSUME you every step you take deeper into the heart of THE FORSAKEN LANDS!


Al’s Auto Shop was established in 1958, but was shut down not long after by the authorities in 1990, after multiple incidents in which employees were severely injured on the job. Al was then arrested for negligence to his employees’ safety. Al’s Auto was the only automotive shop within at least an hour drive for town residents. Rumor had it, that within several months after his arrest, Al had escaped prison, and put word out that his automotive shop was still in business. He began luring the townspeople into the shop, with the expectations of getting their vehicles serviced, but in reality ended up as victims of Al’s brutal murder methods. This was the deranged mechanic’s way of sending the authorities a message for locking him up.


The town’s deepest and darkest secrets were kept within the fences of the Morton Farm & Estate. No other residents of the town were friendly with the Mortons, as they kept to themselves, and isolated within their unsettlingly quiet farm. However, one of the dark secrets that lie within the farm suggest that Mr. Morton had made a pact with other local farmers, and townspeople to start snatching all outsiders who cross the town line off of the streets, and making sure they were never seen again. Legend has it that the Mortons were the last family seen in the crippling town, meanwhile there has never been word of outsiders visiting the Morton farm. There has to be a reason for this... Local records also state that Mr. Morton was arrested for allegedly butchering his livestock on his own property in inhumane fashions, but many believe that he was butchering more than just livestock in his barn...


Once a year, the Fun Fair came to Ridgeway. The intention was for this fair to provide some Summer fun for the public with carnival games, ice cream, live entertainment, and more! After the third year that this event came to town,

there was a massive chemical leak at one of the food stands, and the effects it had on those within the fair were unspeakable. Ridgeway officials decided it was too dangerous to even take down the remains of the fair. So, it still rests upon the green hills, and nothing but distant laughs can be heard...


For those just passing through the town of Ridgeway, there was just one place for them to stay, and that was the Field Side Motel. Bed bugs were the leastof the guests worries at this motel. There were multiple occasions in which guests that stayed at the motel died not long after as a result of catching a sickness that had broken out within the motel. Some say it could have been affected from the incident that took place at the Fun Fair, due to the fact that it was less than a mile away. It’s tough to get information from a primary source, considering the majority of the guests who stayed there are now dead... This motel makes the Bates Motel seem like a five star joint!


Make your way through the bog, as you attempt to brave the unspeakable horrors of the swamp! Formerly the decomposing bodies of old Mr. Morton's victims, these mutated creatures of the infected town outskirts are hungry, and waiting for more unfortunate souls to lose their way! The locals never dared step foot upon these outskirts, because the only ones who did never returned. The only one seen around these parts has been Mr. Morton. Word has it that he has been using the area as  dumping grounds for the bodies of his victims. Once used as a recreational fishing area, the old swamp shack is now home to fish-like creatures who are sinking hooks into their human catches. Will you be their next catch? 

Creepy 50's diner scene logo

Dan’s Diner had been a town favorite spot for a nice meal. That is until blood and human remains began turning up in the food. Old Dan had a history of mental instability, but this time his change of medication had taken him on a turn for the worse. Old Dan had often been seen with Mr. Morton, which led some of the town to believe that he also had a part in Mr. Morton’s pact to eliminate any and all outsiders of the town. This means that there may just be more than burgers and milkshakes being prepared in the back of the diner...



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