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Touch night! Experience a more intense, interactive Forsaken Lands! Accept a FREE glow stick necklace to wear around your neck, and this gives our monsters permission to physically touch you, taking your scare experience to the next level! This event may include, but is not limited to actors touching, forced group separation, scene interaction, blindfolding, tight spaces, and possible crawling. Tickets to this event are limited to this one night event! - All guests must be 18+, present valid ID, and sign a waiver to participate in the optional touch. - Guests under 18 years of age may attend this event, but will not be permitted to opt in for touch. - The touch aspect of this event is OPTIONAL. For a contact free experience, simply do not accept a glow stick necklace. - The actors will touch you, but you will not resist, or touch them back. - All touch is conducted in a safe and appropriate manner. This is NOT a torture simulation experience. - If guests no longer want the touch aspect of the experience to continue, they may remove their glow stick necklace at any time, and finish the attraction as usual. ​(Failure to follow any of these rules will reslut in removal from the attraction without refund, and potential legal actions.)


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The lights are out! The deranged inhabitants of The Forsaken Lands will feed on your fears of the darkness, on this one night event, as you navigate your way through The Forsaken Lands with nothing but the light of a glow stick. Tickets to this special event are limited! - Each group will be given one glowstick. This will be your only source of light!

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